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Here you will find Xena, the Alien films, and non-fandom things I care about. My current new obsessions are Agents of Shield and The Fall. Can't stop listening to Emily Wells and Of Monsters and Men. Some day I will pretty up my blog, but today is not that day. And sometimes I write things.
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  • Me: So when you see the 4 year old boy pull the little girl's hair...
  • Students: He likes her!
  • Me: Now they are around 11 or 12 and he grabs her arm and wrestles her to the ground even though she calls him a jerk and yells at him to leave her alone.
  • Students: That is just how boys are.
  • Me: Now they are 18 and he grabs her arm and--
  • Students: Oh, that's not okay.
  • Me: Really? How would he know? How would she know? How would you know? You just told me that for the first 17 years of these children's lives that you thought it was cute, sweet, and natural for a boy to grab a girl and be rough with her.
  • Students: Oh.
  • Me: Oh, is right.




date a boy with nice cheek bones

date a boy who has a good taste in clothes

date a boy with a great laugh

date a boy who’s hoodie you can borrow

date a boy with fantastic collarbones

date a boy who smiles constantly

date a boy with arms like damn


Yet another unrealistic standard for men



What is gay privilege?

better sex

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What a fucking nerd
Me talking about someone I love  (via katisque)

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I wonder how long we’ll stay friends on Facebook.

I literally just deleted someone for sharing that picture! Was a coincidence

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sexghosts answered your question:While we’re discussing fanfiction, nominations for…

Oh, that sounds really neat. I have to think, though… I’m not sure I have a tiny fandom. :)

:) You can check the fandoms list for last year if you want to see what other people wrote for. They have everything: 16 fics in the Greek & Roman Mythology category, 5 for Arthurian Mythology, 6 for Temeraire (that book about the Napoleonic wars and dragons), 4 for Indiana Jones, and 6 for Jurassic Park (but two of them are like Fight Club: we do not talk about them).  And 4 fics for The Heat, because why the hell not. They were all great and one I would consider a sequel to the movie it was so good: Brass in Pocket

solitarius-x answered your question:While we’re discussing fanfiction, nominations for…

wait what? for xena or something? i dont know it would be kind of cool

Good question (sorry I wasn’t clear). Yuletide is for small fandoms that have less than 1000 fics total. So Xena wouldn’t count, but Alien Resurrection *cough cough* totally would.

Yuletide is literally my favorite fest ever because the people in my tiny fandoms all come out to play whether that be prompting, writing, or reading. Some Yuletide 2013 stats: 1625 fandoms, 2563 works. Awesome.

Needs some gen for The Secret Garden? Done. How about chess femslash? Yes the game. There were two fics last year. Or maybe some random book or comic you think no one else cares about? It’s likely that there are a decent amount of people that are all about it. Also music videos. 

No min or max word count, the ability to write “treats” (not signing up for the fest officially but writing for a prompt anyway — you just don’t receive a fic yourself), and lots of encouragement.



Xena Warrior Princess is supposed to be hella queer, right?



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While we’re discussing fanfiction, nominations for fandoms to include in the Yuletide Rare Fandoms Fest are coming up. Details here. Who else has a small fandom and wants in? solitarius-x? sexghosts? Anybody?


Apparently, I like including flowers in my sex scenes. I have three sex scenes now that include flowers. I didn’t know I had a thing about that, but it appears I do.

First, it’s Brienne and Cat, simple yet romantic, Brienne spreads flower petals on the bed before they make love. Cute, right?

Then, it’s teen Cat and Cersei, and

I may have

a small thing for

the younger/less experienced character

as the aggressor/top/person that makes the first move


Catelyn Stark + thinking about her children

"As she slept amidst the rolling grasslands, Catelyn dreamt that Bran was whole again, that Arya and Sansa held hands, that Rickon was still a babe at her breast. Robb, crownless, played with a wooden sword, and when all were safe asleep, she found Ned in her bed, smiling."

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College tuition has risen by 553% since 1984. One GIF shows just how harsh that is

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This is why anyone who went to college before the 1990s can shove their “Hey, I worked my way through school and graduated with no debt” talk…

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Look whose ears finally decided to pop up! #Xena #WarriorPrincess


are you proud of me, mom?